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Using the Toad Tool to Clean Northern Puffer or Blowfish.

Toad Tool (Patent Pending)

Toad Tool


This tool is designed for cleaning Northern Puffers (aka BlowFish, Blow Toad, Sugar Toad).  The shaft and fork are made from 302 stainless steel.  The shaft is inserted into a varnished maple handle and held in place with a spirol pin.

Approximate Length - 6 "

Approximate Weight - 8 oz.

6 Inch Serrated Edge Knife


 This 6 inch serrated edge utility knife is designed for maximum cutting performance and produces sharp, unparalleled cuts each time. Long-lasting, light, and affordable, this knife is ideal for use when cutting through the tough Northern Puffer skin. 

Toad Tool & Serrated Knife Combo


Toad Tool and Serrated Knife Combo is a value with the Toad Tool and 6 inch serrated knife packed in a clear plastic case with a snap in top. 

Cleaned and Ready


Toad Tool and serrated knife used to clean these Northern Puffers or BlowFish in a matter of minutes.

Grilled To Perfection


Cleaned blowfish are filleted and grilled then basted with your favorite barbecue sauce or dressing.

Chicken of the Sea - Crispy Fried


Cleaned blowfish can also be fried whole and eaten like a chicken leg.


Cleaning Process

With the Toad Tool, cleaning of Northern Puffers becomes quick and easy in 3 steps.

1 - Cut

2 - Flip

3 - Pull